Presentations Available

For Adults:

Oaklands Mansion 1820  Backyard Cellar Archaeological Project

30-60 minutes Powerpoint and artifacts

A Special Place: Murfreesboro’s Historic  Old City Cemetery   Site

30-60 minute PowerPoint presentations 

Is your club or organization interested in hearing about  Murfreesboro’s oldest historic site? Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this site is significant in many ways. The site now known as Murfreesboro’s “Old City Cemetery” is located on the 300 block of E. Vine street. It encompasses the buried archaeological site of the original First Presbyterian Church (1820), its burying ground (1820), and the city’s first public cemetery, opened in 1837.  This special place represents the early days of “Murfreesborough” and Tennessee. The original First Presbyterian Church was the location of significant social and political events and Civil War activities. Founding families, soldiers, the enslaved, and other early residents of the city are buried here.  What should be a jewel of the city—a visual representation of our history and shared cultural heritage—has all but been forgotten. Included in the presentation is a discussion of the ongoing RCAS community volunteer project for its conservation, restoration, and public interpretation.