Past Speakers

  Our monthly meetings feature a guest speaker and we are fortunate to have heard a variety of topics including  prehistoric and historical archaeology, cultural resource management, public archaeology, cemetery conservation, historic preservation, forensic anthropology, cultural anthropology, and travelogue  presentations.


January 2015 The Nashville Zoo Cemetery: Revealing the Unknown Through Bioarchaeology and DNA, Dr. Shannon Chappell Hodge, Associate Professor of Anthropology, MTSU         

February 2015 Prehistory Beneath Our Feet: Doing Archaeology in Rutherford County, Dr. Tanya M. Peres, Professor of Anthropology, MTSU

March 2015  From Murder to Mummies: Days in the Life of a Forensic Anthropologist, Dr. Hugh Berryman, Director, Forensic Institute for Research and Education; Professor of Anthropology, MTSU

April  2015 TDOT Archaeological Investigations in Rutherford County, Phillip Hodge, M.A., Tennessee Department of Transportation, Archaeology Division

May  2015 Tracing the Footsteps of a Moroccan Ruling Dynasty Through Archaeology, Dr. Ron Messier, Professor Emeritus of History, MTSU

June  2015 The First Tennesseans: Humans and the Environment at the End of the Ice Age, Dr.  Jesse Tune, Visiting Professor, Fort Lewis College

July 2015 Landscape of Liberation: Archaeology and the African-American Geography of Civil War Tennessee, Zada Law, M.A., Director, Fullerton Laboratory for Spatial Technology, Geospatial Research Center, Geosciences Department, Middle Tennessee State University

August 2015 (two meetings)

August 6, 2015 Archaeology in Transylvania: Excavations of an Early Iron Age Site at Magura Uroiului, Romania,  Ginny Lucas, M.A,   Ms. Lucas is a bioanthropologist and archaeologist with a Master’s Degree from the University of Alabama, Birmingham.. A former graduate of MTSU and member of its forensic anthropology team (MTSU FIRE/FASR), she is entering the University of Nevada, Las Vegas this fall to pursue her PhD in Anthropology.

August 20, 2015 Two Centuries of Hallowed Ground: The Archaeology and History of Murfreesboro’s Old City Cemetery, Dr.  Kevin E. Smith, Professor of Anthropology, MTSU.

September 2015 The Pickett Chapel Community Research Project: A Community Based research project on the history, archaeology, and memory of Pickett Chapel, an 1827 Methodist Church in Lebanon, Tennessee, Philip Hodge, M.A., Tennessee Department of Transportation, Archaeology Division

October 2015 The Celts: A View From Ireland, Dr. Brad Bartel,  MTSU University Provost (Executive VP for Academic Affairs) and Professor of Anthropology.

November/December 2015 The MTSU Study Abroad Trip: Our Archaeological Adventures, Pat Thomas, Academic Affairs Special Events Coordinator, MTSU


January 2016 Confessions of a Fieldwork Junkie,  Dr.  Carroll Van West, Tennessee State Historian; Professor of History and Director, MTSU Center for Historic Preservation

February 2016  Mythbusting The Maya: Fifty Centuries of Settlement and Subsistence in the Peten Rainforest, Dr. Andrew Wyatt, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, MTSU

March 2016  Stones River National Battlefield: Public Parks and Private Homes, Dr. Will Leggett, Associate Professor of Anthropology, MTSU and Elusive Narratives: Native Americans and Middle Tennessee History, Kelsey Lamkin, Anthropology undergraduate student, MTSU

April 2016  Historical Archaeology and Civic Engagement at Clover Bottom Plantation: Seeking Stories of Family and Community,  Dr. Kathyrn Sikes, Assistant Professor of Historical Archaeology, MTSU

July 2016 Cemetery Archaeology and Conservation in Tennessee, Dan Allen, M. A.  Dan Allen and Associates

August 2016 Archaeology For The Public: My Journey in Educational Archaeology from Jamestown to Yorkshire, Jared Bryson, M.A.  Discovery Center of Murfree Spring

September 24, 2016  Archaeology Day Special Event,Presented by the Rutherford County Archaeological Society

October 2016 Archaeological Survey of Tennessee’s Rosenwald Schools, Benjamin Nance, M.A.   Tennessee Division of Archaeology

November/December 2016 Doing Public Archaeology, Marsha Welch, M. A., Tennessee Department of Transportation, Archaeology Division


February 2017 The Protection of Archaeological and Historic Resources: Cultural Resource Management and Tennessee Law, Jared Barrett, M.A., TRC Environmental, Nashville

March 2017 Bringing Back A Special Place: Murfreesboro’s Old City Cemetery Site, Laura Bartel, M.A., President, Rutherford County Archaeological Society, Adjunct Professor of Anthropology, Motlow College

April, May 2017   fieldwork projects

June 2017 Tattooing in Antiquity, Aaron Deter-Wolf, M.A.  Tennessee Division of Archaeology

July 2017 Interpreting Old Stone Fort (museum), Dr. Brenden Martin,  MTSU Professor of History and Director, Public History Program

August 2017   Stone Tool Production of the Common Folk: Studying the Maya of Tamarindito, Guatemala,  Phyllis Johnson, M.A.,  Vanderbilt University, PhD candidate

September 2017  The 2017 Excavations at Castalian Springs, Dr. Paul Eubanks,  Assistant Professor of Anthropology, MTSU

October  2017   Just What Does the Tennessee Division of Archaeology Do?            Sarah Levithol Eckhardt, M.A., Archaeologist, Tennessee Division of Archaeology

November/December 2017   The Bosely Cemetery Removal Project, Jared Barrett, M.A., Archaeologist TRC Corporation


January 2018    Annual Meeting of  Current Research in Tennessee Archaeology, sponsored by the Tennessee Council for Professional Archaeology and Middle Tennessee State University, Nashville, TN.

February 2018  Stories From The Field: Our Fieldwork and Experiences in Brazil, Dr. Andrew Wyatt,  Associate Professor, MTSU and  Clelie Cottle Peacock, Kelly Daniel, and Christopher Lane, MTSU Anthropology students

March 2018   Skeletons, Isotopes, and the Body Farm: You Are What (and Where!) You Eat.  Dr. Tiffany Saul, Research Assistant Professor with the MTSU Forensic Institute for Research and Education (FIRE). 

April 2018   At The Edge Of Archaeology: William  Gregory Wood-Martin and the  Development of Archaeology at the Turn Of The 20th Century, Lydia Harris, M.A.

June 2018   Field Trip/ Excavation at Castalian Springs, TN,   Dr. Paul Eubanks, MTSU

July  2018     New Interpretations of Paleolithic Cave Art in Europe, Dr. Brad Bartel, Professor of Anthropology, MTSU

August 2018  Interpreting Mesa Verde National Park: A House or a Home?, Mark McDonald Crawford III, NPS Interpretive Ranger

September 2018   Tennessee Archaeology Awareness Month–Archaeology Day events (participant with TCPA at Bells Bend, Nashville and  RCAS’s own in Murfreesboro  (rescheduled and held in November due to inclement weather)

October 2018     Walking Tour Of Sellars Farm Site,  Phillip Hodge, M.A.,  Director, Archaeology Department, TDOT, and  Dr.Shannon Chappell Hodge, Professor, MTSU 

November 2018   Traversing Transylvania: My Research and Experiences  from ArchaeoTek’s 2018 Medieval Cemetery Funerary Field School.   Clelie Cottle Peacock, B.S. Anthropology, MTSU


January 2019    Current Research in Tennessee Archaeology (CRITA) annual meeting, Middle Tennessee State University

February  2019   1. Tales from the Rock Pit: Reinterpreting a Limestone Midden Feature from Castalian Springs, TN. Madeline Laderoute, B.S., Anthropology, MTSU        2. Preliminary Findings from MTSU’s Fort Negley & Bass Street Community Historical Archaeology Project.   Clelie Cottle Peacock, B.S. Anthropology, MTSU

April  2019   Archaeology Exhibits at the new Tennessee State Museum–A Behind the Scenes Discussion of How They Came About. Nick Fielder, Retired Tennessee State Archaeologist and  Tennessee State Museum consultant Nick Fielder

June 2019     Archaeological Field Trip and Volunteer Excavation, Castalian Springs, Tennessee.   Hosted by Dr. Paul Eubanks, Assistant Professor of Anthropology , MTSU. 

August 2019   Take This Into Account: Tennessee’s Post-Emancipation Landscape.  Zada Law, M.A., Director of the Geospatial Research Center at MTSU 

October 2019  Archaeological Expeditions of the Peabody Museum in Middle Tennessee, 18771884.  Michael C. Moore,  Tennessee State Archaeologist; Director, Tennessee Division of Archaeology

December 2019   Meeting and Social gathering  at the DogHaus Restaurant


2020 marks the fifth anniversary of our first meeting!

February 2020    Murfreesboro’s Black Cat Cave: From Sacred Space to Speakeasy,      Dr. Shannon Chappell Hodge, Professor of Anthropology, MTSU   

April through ?    Meetings on hold due to Covid-19 pandemic

2021 We’re Back!

August  2021   The Tennessee Division of Archaeology at 50 and Beyond,   Phil Hodge, Tennessee State Archaeologist, Director, TN Division of Archaeology

September 2021  Mastodons to Mississippians: Adventures in Nashville’s Deep Past, Dr. Tanya Peres, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Florida State University

October  2021   Open House at Murfreesboro’s Old City Cemetery,  Dedication of NRHP plaque and APTA historical sign, tours and displays. ,  Rutherford County Archaeological Society, Host.

November 2021  Recovering Nashville’s African American History in Fort Negley’s Bass Street Community,  Dr. Andrew Wyatt, MTSU


February 2022  Using the Past to Predict the Future, Nick Fielder, M.A.,  Former Tennessee State Archaeologist

March 2022        Forthcoming this month: Guardians of  Antiquity: The Care and Management of  Archaeological Collections, Macie Orrand, M.A., Collections Manager, TN Division of Archaeology

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